Grow your own strawberries

Growing your own strawberries is easy and satisfying. Follow the steps below to make the tastiest fruit. Step 1 Finding the right location is paramount. The best location will have plenty of sun, sheltered from the wind and in well-drained soil. Step 2 Strawberries can be grown in pots, growing bags or in the ground. They should be planted with the crown showing above the soil. If growing in the ground, make sure…

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Burgon & Ball Weed Slice

With Spring looming and the flowers blooming, it unfortunately also brings those pesky, unwanted weeds! But with the Burgon & Ball Weed Slice, you can now get rid of them in half the time. • It eliminates stooping and back strain. • Minimal soil disturbance • Surface action retains soil moisture • Compact head allows for weeding in tightly packed borders. • Cuts on the push and pull strokes to get weeding…

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